Mr. and Mrs. IT User

Mr. IT User is a famous geek and with a wife who know nothing about IT but business – he knows all sort of technologies but he refused to speak his wife’s language (i.e. business language) and reluctant to consider how the technology can help his wife to do her own business better and easier. After all, all he wants is the latest and greatest.

Mrs. IT User is a successful businesswoman and married to a man who know nothing about business but IT – she knows all sort of business strategies, techniques and tricks but she refused to learn how IT can help her business … she believe her husband shall deliver anything she asks for, as soon as possible and for free.

How can they make this marriage a successful one ?

First, Mr. IT user needs to learn more about her wife’s business, speak her language and deliver something useful, cost-effective to her business…

Then, Mrs. IT user shall learn more about IT, the pros and cons, and the realistic cost – after all, there is no IT free lunch …

Lesson Learnt: No matter how good you are now, learn more to bridge the gap between you and your other half.

Remote Controller Freak

I cannot deny that I am a freak of all sorts of remote controllers. First of all, I have many devices at home and therefore there are many many remote controllers. And then I bought many many “remote control learners” to try to take over the many namless controllers. After so many expensive experiments with Sony, Philips, Marantz; there is only one winner – Harmony …

The idea of Harmony remote controllers are simply brilliant … set up the device on the web. In other words, just tell the web what devices you’re owning, and also what features you need to turn on / off when you’re watching TV, or DVD, or playing CD etc. etc. Then the web will compose a XML, and download to your Harmony remote controller.

Then that is the magical bit, you press “Watch DVD” command and it will turn on all related devices – e.g. DVD player, TV, amplifier etc. and select the proper device input and output as well. Next you press “Watch Cable TV”, and it will smart enough to turn off your DVD player, but turn on the cable TV set-top box, and select the proper device input / output again. How brilliant !! Thanks to that “Smart State Technology”.

Lesson Learnt: You can do a lot with the web and it can integrate nicely with the physical world as well.Go get a Harmony Remote.

Best Friend

A friend of mine just “adopted” a lovely puppy and it turned out to be a whole new “life experience” to him. He started to tidy the house regularly (to provide a clean living environment for the lucky puppy), first ever in the last 10 years …

He exercises now more then before as he needs to walk the dog two times a day. He also spends hundreds of dollars every month for the dog food, health check (for the dog, of course), and electric bill (yes, his home is now a 24×7 air-conditioned) … He even planned to hire a helper to play with the puppy when he’s at work.

Lesson Learnt: Man is dog’s best friend.

The Perfect DSLR Camera

What’s the perfect Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) camera ?

The answer is actually really really simple – it has to work as good as an old-fashioned SLR. Period.

So, what’s that really mean ? To me ?

The DSLR has to be easy to use, with button layouts similar to a SLR. You should be able to print the photos straight away, with excellent colors, without computer post-processing. The camera shall equip with good all-purpose lens (i.e. 28mm to ~100mm) without several expensive ones. There shall be no dust in the sensor …

And there are only two cameras in the market can do all these – Olympus E-1 and E-300. And I got both 😎

Lesson Learnt: Forget about the pixel counts, brand names, number of lens in the market etc. etc.. Cameras following FourThirds standard are the best, so far.

Value Added Service …

My brother called one cab services company the other day and requested a cab to transport him to airport, early in the next day morning (5:30 am). Just before wrapping up the call, the CS agent asked my brother a strange question …

“Shall we give you a morning call at 5 am ?”

Wow … what a service ?! From a cab company !!

Lesson Learnt: Every one can improve the service.