Are You RACI Enough ?

My bad, I am not a big fan of RACI matrix (or Responsibility Assignment Matrix). I mean if you’re working in a small product team or company, I am not sure why you need a RACI matrix to tell what you’re responsible for, accountable for, to be consulted or to be informed. If you do, then you’re just not a team player or you don’t know what you are doing – and somehow you need someone to tell you.

If you’re working in a big organization, RACI matrix will only overload you, as no one really know what you are already responsible for, accountable for, to be consulted or to be informed. The project / product owners will just keep adding responsibility to you. After all, who can really differentiate “responsible” and “accountable” ?

My suggestion ? Let the team(s) focus in delivering results, in an empowered and collaborative way. You will be surprised by what the teams can deliver.

I don’t understand …

Have you ever encountered a web page or app screen that:

  • You don’t understand the icons
  • You don’t understand the error messages
  • You don’t know what to do next
  • You don’t know where to click / tap
  • You don’t know how to go back to previous step
  • etc.

If your answer is YES, then please send the following line to the company …

Risky Businesses

We are all in risky businesses, especially now all companies are expecting decrease in revenue and earnings. You would probably wonder how to avoid all the risks ahead, however I believe we all should prepare for a strong response and recovery, if it’s not too late.

It’s however not a small feast and therefore some guidances are always useful … The 3 phases and 6 dimensions of resilience, as well as the investment priorities cover in the following article are really good references.

BCG : The Digital Path to Business Resilience

Do The Right Things

Many product teams roll out their Minimum Viable Products (MVP) with an aim to test the market and then to “continuously improve” the product to make it work.

However, one of the important goals of rolling out MVP is actually to test the market and then to abandon certain features, such that the team can focus on the right things but not the wrong ones.