To MVP, or Not To MVP ?

MVP – Minimum Viable Product, a buzzword used by many product teams and startups around the world. Some deliver their MVPs like the donut on the left, some deliver the right one. Some roll out free products, some insist the customers have to pay for the new product. Some are happy to release a MVP that comes with 5 features, and yet criticise another competing product has _only_ 10 features etc. etc.

My view is we all have different interpretations of the keyword – “Viable”. Therefore, some of you think your customers can live with a V1.0 free product with only 5 features, some have to make it sellable with a good price and feature set – Minimum Sellable Product (MSP). Yet, some teams just want to develop something people love to use – Minimum Lovable Product (MLP).

So … before defining the scope of your MVP, first thing first … define your version of the keyword – VIABLE.


To Change, or Not To Change ?

People resist being changed, especially a change without good reason, without clear goal, and without desirable reward.

Many times, changes are too focused in cutting cost, adopting latest technology and making processes lean. However, the keys to any transformation success are always about getting team members and customers inspired, engaged as well as recognized.