Salary Range

What would be your answer with such a survey question ?

Salary Range:

  • Be as specific or as unspecific as you wish.
  • For example, you could give a range of 20-30K, 30-40K etc.,
  • Or a comparison, e.g. “Less than a dentist my age but more than a bank manager.”
  • Or a subjective statement, e.g. “More than I expected, but less than I deserve.”

It’s not a joke, I got the survey form last week from my university … so I suppose my answer to that shall be “Less than I expected, but more than I deserve.”

A Good Governor vs a Good System

Our city is going to “elect” a new governor / Chief Executive in a month. Once again, after ten years we have such a “system”, the election is to be done behind a closed door – a door to be opened to a group of “election committee members” only.

Somehow we were told it is the best system for the city, but it is pretty obvious to me that each one of us in the city shall have a say on this … I still don’t understand why the city government and the so called experts keep dreaming that:

  • they can find and appoint a good governor to rule the city, but
  • not set up a good system to “elect” (by all citizens) the best person to rule the city (and kick out the bad person).