What Have They Done Right ?

After years’ of planning, construction and testing, the theme park in the city is finally opened today. You know, there are so many bad presses about this theme park in the past few weeks that I think people are getting a bit over-reacted …

I mean, what have they done to deserve this ?

Somehow people in the city has developed a very strange habit – i.e. keep complaining … and keep yelling “What have you done wrong …”.

My point is, instead of focusing what have someone done wrong, why not spend time in finding out “what have they done right?” and learn ? The theme park company did a great job for 50 years, you know. They have so many other parks in other countries / cities that they know what they can do to fix problems, and to give best services to their customers.

Learn from them first, then complain ….

Lesson Learnt: If someone can do something you cannot do with all your effort; then learn from them first …

Maintenance Hours

After weeks of heavy rain and finally we had a sunny weekend. Other than going out for some work-out, I decided also to fill up the day with a good movie, so I surfed to one cinema web site in town.

Fired up the FireFox, entered the URL and I was greeted with an ugly message – “The system is under maintenance”.

Oh great, a cinema web site is working on something new, but in a Saturday morning ? Are they crazy ? What kind of IT team they have ? Do they understand that they develop the web site is for doing business ?

Lesson Learnt: Fit your maintenance hours with customers’ schedules, not yours.

Coffee Please …

So one of the largest coffee chains in the world openned a new shop around the corner, I thought “let’s have some good coffee” …


“Tall Soya Latte please …”, I told the clueless young chap.

“What ?”, answered by the clueless young chap, but he’s so proud …

“Tall Soya Latte PLEASE …”, I asked again.

“WHAT ?”, answered by him again.


“Oh, tall soya MILK latte, a moment please …”, he finally answered.


Of course, it’s the last time I visited that store.

Lesson Learnt: Train your staff to understand the customer’s preferred product names.

Tooth Paste Theory

OK, on TV it’s showing an advertisement about a new tooth paste with Honey as ingredient … it puzzled me a lot for a few things. First of all, of course, why use Honey ? Will that really help my teeth ?

Then I recalled couple of weeks ago the same brand of tooth paste used Tea Leave as ingredient … then another few weeks before that, it was Herbal Mint … before that it was Ginseng …

So I reckon one thing, the tooth paste manufacturers market their products to in sync with your regular people’s tooth paste consumption pattern !! So every few weeks / months, they roll out another “new” tooth paste from their production line to “attract” you. Don’t you think so …

Lesson Learnt: Time your product rollout with customers’ usage pattern.