We need your input, passion and hard work such that we can transform a “hot idea to a hot site” – http://www.webtechniques.com/archives/2001/05/hong/


Have you ever wonder how to deliver the best customer services to our clients ? By delivering an exceptional good products, or provide an exceptional good services when the customer filed a complaint ? Or both ? In other words, can we convert an angry customer to a loyal customer ? What about learn it from a pro – how to provide “knock your socks off” services ?



The other day I found this quote up in the blackboard of the coffee shop when I was sipping the tasty caramel latte –

The only way to discover the limits of possible is to go beyond them into impossible – Arthur C. Clarke

Indeed, there is no limit of possibility.


Earlier this month, many of us were in a satelite city for a wedding banquet. With the invitation card (which had a map imprinted), I went to that small city and got lost in one hour later. I could apply the same lesson to a web site, you will easily get lost even your web site has a site map. What matters is how to make your web site with a sense of orientation, users know how to go back and forth with your navigation design, visual cues, content group etc.


Same to launching a new product, have you ever wonder whether someone really understand the requirements, and also how to design, test and operate ? Check out the attached picture and you know what I mean. Don’t under-estimate the effort you need to understand what the customer needs, often times customers just tell you what they want, not what they need. But again, it is our responsibility to make things crystal clear, develop a good product, test it, maintain it, and support it.


Someone’s Going To Do It, Why Not You ?

I saw that Guinness TV advertisement the other night and thought, “yes, why not you ?”. Of course, some one will run a successful online business / web-site / operations, but I know that we all can be part of it. Why not you ?


Reading a couple of books concurrently, but all of them are very dry. However, looking forward to a book just ordered – “Mysterious Stranger” by David Blaine. I bought (on-line) his DVD as well. If you have ever seen his “Street Magic” on TV, you simply wouldn’t believe your eyes. He is simply the most talented magician right now.


My philosophy of life is that if we make up our mind what we are going to make of our lives, then work hard toward that goal, we never lose — somehow we win out. ~ Ronald Reagan ~


Ordinary people, Extraordinary things

July 2003 is a very special month for hundreds of thousands of us. Like 14 years ago, we told the government what we wanted and went after it. Even though you’re probably not part of the crowd on that special day, but I assume most of you spiritually supported them. Ordinary people, doing extraordinary things.


Oh, just finished one brilliant, captivating, insightful and entertaining book – It’s Your Ship. It’s written by a USA General about how to manage his war ship to make it the best ship in US Navy in 1990s. Whoever is remotely interested in leadership, should read it.


We have come a long way, and the road behind us was not smooth at all. It was a very rough, tough ride in the past 3 years. But as you can tell from the story below … We can get out of the deepest wells just by not stopping, never giving up !!



Where were you yesterday ?

That’s really good to see so many people, united, to do something great together.


  • We have to work harder, and smarter. We have to Make a Difference.
  • Oh last month I recommended you all about a book – The Alchemist. Sorry about that, because the book is crap …. Better spend your time with something better.
  • BTW, what will you do if you cannot install a program ? Call the Customer Services, of course – http://www.myshepard.com/installlove.shtml


So …. where was I yesterday ? I was trapped in a class room for the whole day, learning a topic called “Managerial Skills” … hmmm, something I badly needed.