One Book At A Time – 2021

Second year of COVID-19 but another year of good Kindle readings. 15 books I read this year with the device and here are those one-line comments. For me, the best read this year goes to book #10. Life 3.0 : Being Human in the Age of Artificial Intelligence – Before AI, let’s have some hard … Continue reading “One Book At A Time – 2021”

One Book at a Time – 2019

It’s not easy to squeeze quality time nowadays to finish a book, when we have so many good blog posts, online articles, and research reports available around the Internet. However, to become a better professional and a leader, we all need to invest time to improve ourselves and one of the best ways is still … Continue reading “One Book at a Time – 2019”

Beyond Blocks Seoul Summit 2018

Beyond Blocks Seoul Summit is a very energetic Blockchain event. Here is a wrap of my live tweets couple of weeks ago. >>> South Korea is known for 3 things, Kimchi, K-Pop and Crypto-currency. Follow the footsteps of – Integrate with eCommerce platform, Offer discount to grow adoption, Add credit, landing layer on top, Transform … Continue reading “Beyond Blocks Seoul Summit 2018”


You probably know me by now, my name is Michael – a guy who has already worked in Information Technology industry for over 30 years (from punch card, to mainframe, minicomputer, PC, client server systems, Internet, cloud computing, and now Blockchain). This site is created to be a place to record my thoughts, my news, … Continue reading “About”