Same as last month, a recommendation of a not-too-new book I read months ago – The Monk and the Riddle : The Education of a Silicon Valley Entrepreneur by Randy Komisar. A very interesting book about how one guy wanted to raise fund to set up a hypothetical web site – “Funeral.com”. All the guy wanted was to raise money, based on some superficial revenue projections, and get some quick money back. Eventually he had the site up and running not because of the money – he set up the site to provide grief support to the group of communities who have their beloved one passed away. And had the site renamed circleoflife.com .

The author is a master storyteller, the kind of guy you’d feel honored to share a bottle of wine with. And upon completing the book you will believe his conclusion: “When all is said and done, the journey is the reward.”

After all, it’s great if you’ve made billions on the journey, but the important thing is that you do something you can truly throw yourself into.