Lung Set

Yeh right, you don’t understand what is “Lung Set”, and I did not understand that either, especially it was from a waitress in a Japanese restaurant … “Would you like to have a Lung Set?”

But of course within a split second, I understood what she was talking about … she was trying to introduce us the “Lunch Set”. Obviously, I could not help but kept giggling when she’s talking …

I eventually ordered, “Lung Set C please”.

Lesson Learnt: Should I revisit that restaurant again ? I don’t know …

“Seafood Rice ?”

That was the question the waiter asked the other day in one restaurant. And then he stood there, with the plate of Seafood Rice in hand, expecting an answer from me and my friend … and nothing else.

The problem was, one of us ordered the Seafood Rice, and the waiter didn’t care about it (i.e. who ordered what). He just expected we would tell him the answer and then he would dump the dish on table and rush to another table.

I just didn’t get it, why not they marked down who ordered what, when we made the order ? Was that really a difficult task, to impress their customers ?

Lesson Learnt: No excuse, train up your staff to deliver good services.

Excuse me, Sir …

There was a new restaurant in town so I decided to give it a try. After a few moments and I thought I was ready to order, so I gave a signal to one waitress … and ordered a few items from the beautifully designed menu. Then I asked a stupid question …

“Do you think it’s enough ?”, I asked.

And the waitress answered, “Excuse me, Sir … I think your diet is not that balanced and I would suggest you to order some more food with carbon-hydrate … hmmm … what about a dish of rice or noodle?”

Of course, I ended up with one more dish of noodle that I could not finish …

Lesson Learnt: Never ask such stupid question to a waiter / waitress who only want you to order more … especially s/he got an excellent way to reply you.

Mid Autumn Festival

Today is the Mid Autumn Festival in South East Asian countries such as China, Singapore, Malaysia etc.

According to the Chinese luner calendar, today is the full moon of 8th month of the year. It’s the time to celebrate harvest after a year of hard work, a time to share a good meal with the family members. Other seasonal food includes moon cake, and various of fruits.

In addition, all young kids celebrate the holiday with a Chinese lantern. Happy Mid Autumn Festival to you all.