Here is a selection of my travel photos, scroll down a little bit to check it out … for my other travel and more up-to-date photos, please check out my photo blog – Enjoy.

10 thoughts on “Gallery”

  1. it’s great chance for me to learn more – how to record the magical moment…especially the composition of the photos. Say thanks to you and Olympus (and the creator of the earth) 🙂


  2. Mike, nice pictures! The photos and music make me feel that I should go with my wife to those lovely places. Will try to download JW Image Rotator to try out some time later.


  3. Oh !! Dear, it’s so touching for me, I love all you photos very…very …very much!!!
    Thanks for your photos and music, they all bring me back to the warm, admire, and
    wonderful feelings, I respect and admire you forever ~~~ you are so…so…so charming…..
    keep it on


  4. I simply love your blog. Thanks for helping me resizing my pictures for Facebook :))
    (I googled how to resize pictures for optimal sizing online & stumbled upon this blog. Woo hoo for you!! )


  5. Wow! What a great Website with revolving pictures and information. Not to mention the music. I love it a lot! Thanks….Now I have to do this for my wave runner Website I’m building. You’re awesome. Thanks for sharing and showing us the way!
    It’s a beautiful world with this music playing in the background as I write my comments. Who would have ever imagined?
    R. Kelly


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