Olympus E-3 event

5 weeks after the launch of the new camera E-3, the local Olympus representative office organized an E-3 event for the local Olympus user group. Thanks to the user group leaders and the Olympus office, there were lots of E-3 and the whole line of lenses for us to try out. The E-3 is really cool with a super fast auto-focusing system and a weather-proof body.

Very tempting !!


Virtual Reality

The roof-top paintings are marvelous … ooops, those are wallpapers, not masterpieces. The shopping mall is wonderful … hey, it’s a copycat from shopping mall in Las Vegas and Tokyo. The “gaming” hall is huge … but no one is gaming, and thousands of people are gambling. The square is romantic as well … oh, there are so many construction sites around, it’s not Venice after all.

Located in Macau, it’s the world’s biggest virtual reality resort / hotel.





Fado …

Pretty much like Samba of Brazil, Flamingo of Spain, Tango of Argentina … Fado is a national treasure of Portugal.  Fado (translated as destiny or fate) is a music genre which can be traced from the 1820s in Portugal, but probably with much earlier origins. It is characterized by mournful tunes and lyrics, often about the sea or the life of the poor. However, without visiting this beautiful country, how can I have a taste of Fado ? Once again, Youtube has the answer.

The name of this beautiful song is Chuva (Rain in English) by famous Portuguese artist Mariza. Lyrics translated in English …

The ordinary events in our lives
Do not fill us with longing;
Not so those memories that hurt
Or those that bloom into a smile.

Some people are our history,
The history of our lives;
There are others whose name
We not recall ever hearing.

Such are the feelings
That keep alive my longing,
The feelings we shared
And withered in the end.

There are days that scar
One’s soul and life,
This is why I cannot forget
The day you left me.

The rain drenched
My cold and tired face
In the streets of a city
I had aimlessly walked.

Ah! …Like a girl gone astray
My cry rang across the city:
How quick does the fire of love
Dies in the rain!

The rain heard me and kept
To herself my secret in that city
Where she taps on the window,
Filling me with longing.

East meets West

Stumbled upon a couple of blogs about a young Chinese designer Liu Yang (now lives in Germany) . She designed a series of graphic icons to compare the German and Chinese cultures … very interesting and pretty accurate 8-). You probably know which color represents Chinese …







Sunday on City Streets

Sunday on city streets



Handling problems

Handling Problems

Life of elderly

Life of elderly

Boss …

The boss