Zoom your pics

We all now have cameras with over 10 million pixels, but when you posted the resized version to the web you will lost all the details of the picture. One possible solution is to zoomify it, such that you can see all the details (pretty much like Google Map).

Following is the grand hall ceiling of the Venetian Hotel Macao. Give it a try.


Virtual Reality

The roof-top paintings are marvelous … ooops, those are wallpapers, not masterpieces. The shopping mall is wonderful … hey, it’s a copycat from shopping mall in Las Vegas and Tokyo. The “gaming” hall is huge … but no one is gaming, and thousands of people are gambling. The square is romantic as well … oh, there are so many construction sites around, it’s not Venice after all.

Located in Macau, it’s the world’s biggest virtual reality resort / hotel.