Sean Connery – In my life

In My Life is my most favorite Beatle’s song … and everytime in hotel when I see the following TV advertisement (of a real estate development company) on CNN channel, I will stop everything I am doing and watch it … In fact, many times, it’s the only “entertainment” I have during business trips.

The beautiful voice is from famous actor Sean Connery, what a loving and engaging voice … and here is the full version of his voice over advertisement with some pictures.

Touching …

Video about deadline

What is really a deadline ?

In the words of a design student, Bang-yao Liu, of Savannah College of Art and Design …

Every time when I am busy, I feel that I am not fighting with my works, I am fighting with those post-it notes and deadline.

So he made a brilliant video about deadline with, believe it or not … 6,000+ Post-it notes. Enjoy !!

Curious about how he made this video ? Check it out.

BGT 與 西九龍

BGT 就是 “Britain’s Got Talent”,一個甚受歡迎的英國節目。節目每集都由不同的歌手,音樂人,舞藝者競逐,而每季都能夠由有份量的表現者勝出。以前就有 Paul Potts,George Sampson 等等。

最新 2009 季度已經去到第四周,每星期都有驚喜,包括 Susan Boyle, Shaheen Jafargholi, Andrew Johnston。而第四周最好的比賽者應該係 Jamie Pugh。他唱得真的,真的很動人。。

令我奇怪的是這一些歌手的背景。Susan Boyle 是無業的(她全心照顧她的母親),而 Jamie Pugh 則是當日間司機,晚間送 Pizza。但是他們都選擇了著名音樂劇 Les Misérables 的歌 – 分別是 I dreamed a dream 及 Bring him home。從這一點可以了解到在英國每一個階層對音樂,藝術的投入及喜愛。

試想想,在香港有幾多人可以唱出一段經典音樂劇及粵劇?又有多少人欣賞舞台劇,舞蹈,音樂劇及粵劇?即使有很多擁躉,但是新一代都可能只活在 Internet,YouTube 裡。