Very First Selfie

This week’s #ThrowBackThursday is about a selfie picture … in a hospital.

15 years ago this week, with the Dopod C720W Windows CE smartphone, I took my very first selfie … a few days after a 8 hours “open-chest surgery” to fix a serious heart valve problem.

It’s called open-chest surgery because to access the heart, surgeons need to cut through the breastbone and spread the ribs. That’s why sometimes people call this operation “Cracking the chest”.

Unfortunately the chest cracking surgery did not solve the problem and I needed to have another 6 hours surgery two weeks later …

Other than the selfie, I also used the mobile phone to access Internet, browse the web, search for health information. More importantly, to log into my server and record my experiences with the WordPress blogging platform.

Stay healthy.

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