What Are You Selling ?

Examples :

If you own a dessert stand, you’re not selling ice cream. You’re selling a first date.

If you own a luxury car dealership, you’re not selling a Ferrari. You’re selling status.

If you own an outdoors shop, you’re not selling fishing rods. You’re selling lasting family memories.

Exercise :

If you own a , you’re not selling . You’re selling _.

Gain Experiences

I am not a big fan of MVP, but a fan of MLP / MSP (Minimum Lovable / Sellable Product).

I am not a big fan of maximizing profit, but a fan of minimizing the cost of failure.

I am not a big fan of “Fail fast, fail early, fail often”, but a fan of “Learn fast, learn early, learn often”.

Gain your experiences by building MLP, minimize cost of failure and learn fast.

What Makes You Thrilled ?

It’s not about meeting deadlines.
It’s not about meeting budget targets.
It’s not about meeting VIPs.

It’s about solving hard problems, such as …

  • sailing through the economic storm
  • pleasing the difficult customers
  • implementing a complicated system
  • fixing difficult bugs
  • building a great team

What makes you thrilled ?