I saw the angel …

Had a good chat with some friends the other day about types of boss in our work life. There was a theory that there are two types of boss – one is a control freak who keep yelling to their staff, and one is with mentor style that helps the staff to develop themselves.

I wonder what type of boss I am, but I am a firm believer of the quote from sculptor Michelangelo:

I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.

One-click greeting

Ages ago I was told sending a letter to your friends in festive seasons were better than just sending a greeting card. And since the dawn of Internet, people told me sending my greetings electronically via emails or e-Cards to my friends was the better and trendier way.

Then in recent years, we just sent out short messages via our mobile phone, or messaging software.

But just a couple of weeks ago, we didn’t send short messages, emails, and letter. All we did was just forward a tiny picture of (310 x 230 pixels), to a bunch of friends. We didn’t even need to enter the names of our friends, as we just did a “Select all” from the tool – Facebook.

From letter, to card, to e-Card, to short message, to one-click forward … it’s a lot easier, it’s effortless, but are we getting closer ?

Happy New Year

Merry X’mas

I made a set of slides as X’mas eCard (3 Mb) and sent to my colleagues and friends. Many wonder how I made those slides and here are the details …

  1. First, I took a lot of photos from shopping malls, those with X’mas decorations [Tool : Olympus E-1, E-300, E-510]
  2. Picked 6 to 7 photos, processed them (i.e. resize, sharpening etc.) and prepared a set of B&W version, then a set of colored version [Tool : FastStone, PhotoImpact]
  3. I then searched for the X’mas song Little Drummer Boy from the Net in WAV format (i.e. a format that supports by PowerPoint)
  4. Processed the song to find a right spot to fade out the song (as the original is too long), and to find a right compression bit ratio (as the original is too big) [Tool : AudaCity]
  5. Sampled the song again to determine the best time to advance the photos (i.e. find some good spots to in-sync with the slide transition)
  6. Searched a good X’mas poetry from the Net to fit the slides
  7. Last step – created the slides, inserted the B&W photos, then the colored photos, added in fade-in effect, added the background music in the first slide, timed the slide, added in transition effect, added in the content, saved as PowerPoint Slideshow … [Tool : PowerPoint]

Not bad, I believe …

Merry X’mas 2007

Making friends

One of the skills you need to master to survive in a hospital ward is about “Making friends” (the others are “Swallowing junk food”, and “Be extremely positive” etc.).

For example, be a friend to the doctors, nurses and ward assistants will make your life a bit easier – i.e. they will spend more time to take care of you and you have someone to chit chat when they are not that busy.

And of course you need to make friends with other patients, those just sleep next to you. The only trouble for me is I have to make new friends every few days, since othe patients will be transferred or discharged – while I am still staying …

So what’s the usual ice-breaker ? “Why are you here ?”, “How long you will stay ?” and “You look terrific !” are the usual ones.

I have repeated the same three questions a dozen times in the past 7 weeks !! How boring ?!