We Are Sailing, Home Again Cross the Sea

We gather only once every one or two years, but really have not much to say every time. I reckon it’s like what George Ebers quoted …

Friendship is genuine when two friends can enjoy each others company without speaking a word to one another.

Indeed, instead of speaking, I played a few CDs that evening … “When I Dream”, “What a Wonderful World”, “If You Don’t Know Me By Now”, and of course “Sailing”.

Ontario – Niagara Fall

Clearly it is one of the most visted places in Canada (the view is good only from the Canada side …) and the first thing come to the visitors’ mind after seeing the fall should be “how insignificant am I ?”

My last visit there was with an one very good old friend. He is simply one of the few brightest guys I ever met … but since he decided to work in Canada, we have one less great CTO in town.

Niagara Fall

Close-to-Perfect Ending …

Hundreds of nights and weekends’ hard-work … it all ended today … in a close-to-perfect way. That will be even better if …

… all my friends could join me in the ceremony. Two and a half years of study is a long long time for us with a full-time job, especially one works in IT industry, and needs to support multiple 24×7 systems. Anyhow, we DID it.

Hats off

Lesson Learnt: Go for it !!

The Last Game

Today is a sad day, because it is the last day for many of my friends to play bowling (after 20 something years’ passion) … and it all began from a happy day a couple months ago, that was the day one of my friends moved to a new flat …

So my friend moved to a new flat, but he forgot to inform the Bowling Center the new address.

So the Bowling Center mailed the bowling locker renewal form to my friend’s old address.

So my friend did not renew his locker’s lease.

So the Bowling Center threw away all the stuff in the locker – the bowling balls, the shoes, the gears and whatnot.

So, so, so … you know, everything has a reason.

Lesson Learnt: Keep all your gears at home, and save some money … or inform other people your new address, in time.

Best Friend

A friend of mine just “adopted” a lovely puppy and it turned out to be a whole new “life experience” to him. He started to tidy the house regularly (to provide a clean living environment for the lucky puppy), first ever in the last 10 years …

He exercises now more then before as he needs to walk the dog two times a day. He also spends hundreds of dollars every month for the dog food, health check (for the dog, of course), and electric bill (yes, his home is now a 24×7 air-conditioned) … He even planned to hire a helper to play with the puppy when he’s at work.

Lesson Learnt: Man is dog’s best friend.