User Experience – Web or non-Web

Many friends of mine asked me before, what exactly is usability ? I am sure they can find their own answer if they search hard enough from the net, or just buy a few books such as “Don’t Make Me Think” and “Design of Every Day Things” (see below). The problem is you know, they want quick answer, they don’t want to waste their time.

So here is my sample answer – “What if your mobile phone’s numeric pad’s arrangement is 1 2 3, 4 5 6, 7 8 9, 0 and your friend’s phone is 7 8 9, 4 5 6, 1 2 3, 0 ?” And “what if your home’s Hi-Fi requires you to turn the volume knot anti-clockwise to increase the volume, instead of clockwise ?”

As you can see, something that don’t need you to think before you use it, something share the same design pattern if they have the same purpose … and this is the usability. And obviously, it applies to the web as well – don’t create fancy stuff and user interface just for sake of design.

If Only …

I reckon one obvious benefit of having fever and CableTV at the same time is I can really spend some time at home to enjoy good but re-run movie, in a work day you know.

If Onlyis a pretty original and beautiful movie, even though with a low production budget. A love story, but with a very interesting (and touching) twist – all I can say further about that lovely movie is … what will you do if you can relive your day like my other favorite movie – Groundhog Day.

Oh, the soundtrack is good too, a bonus !!

Worldmate 2007

MobiMate‘s Worldmate software is one utility software that I will install to any phone and PDA I use. So obviously, I bought the latest Worldmate 2007 once I got my Dopod C730. Unfortunately, the Worldmate 2007 did not work with this latest generation of smartphone – I just could not get the subscription working.

So after exchanging a dozen emails among Handango, MobiMate and me, they finally solved my problem. And here is some screen shots of that great utility.

World Clock

World Map

Satelite Map

Along The River …

It’s the third time I visited the Arts Musuem this year but this time is the best so far. There are lots of masterpieces being exhibited but obviously the most attractive one is the “Along the River During the Qingming Festival” – painted 880 hundred years ago. In the 5 meter painting, there are extreme details of 814 humans, 28 boats, 94 animals, 170 trees and of course, the life of people in 880 years ago.

ALong the river 1

In a word, AMAZING.

Olympus Color

We “Olympian” believe Olympus DSLRs produce the best color pictures … but many of us worried about the change of the image sensor from Kodak to Panasonic. My E-1 and E-300 use Kodak sensor and E-510 uses Panasonic sensor. So here is a picture with the new toy E-510 … is the color OK ?



Exchange Square