Which piano should I buy if I want to play like Mozart?

The above is one of the quotes I heard in one music instrument shop. Kinda funny, I thought. You know, even if you bought the best and most expensive piano in the market, you still could not play like Mozart. You need some talents but of course, the truth is you need a lot of hard work.


Everybody is talking about Mainland China is our future, so what can you do about it ? Learning Putonghua or at least learn some Mainland China phrases, I suppose. So one of the best (and biggest) sites to visit is http://www.fane.cn/ (Fan E is “translation”). Within this site you will find a lot of translation of various English terms as well as a huge Translation market portal in China. Very useful and impressive.


There are three things that are important at Starbucks. Customer Relationships is the first and the other two don’t matter.” Linda Thompson, Director – Starbuck resource center