Cloud appreciation society

Other than a good book by the pool, a cold drink under the sun … the next best thing to relax in a holiday resort is, really, cloud watching. You know, you can name every cloud you like, while the clouds drifting slowly … Obviously, there are lots of people sharing the same view, and they are the members of Cloud Appreciation Society. Following is the famous Six Leg Pig … click the pix to see the full picture and you can buy their book.

Six feet pig

Copyright @ Ian Loxley

In plain English

Really wanted to find a solution to take GTD with me even outside office and with no access to computer. The solution shall be the stuff that carry with me or I can easily access to – i.e. PDA / smartphone / phone and its software, notepad, stack of index cards, or remote voice mailbox etc. etc. … something that I can jot down the actions as efficient as possible.

One service I am evaluating closely for the moment is Twitter. The idea is to send an SMS with my phone to one Twitter account and then I can “follow” the tweets back in office. What is Twitter, you may ask ? Understand that some of you are living in another planet, so here is Twitter … in plain English, by Common Craft.

We are not alone

“Always on my mind” is one of my favorite songs, no matter it’s the original version by Brenda Lee or the cover versions by Elvis Presley, Willie Nelson, Pet Shop Boys and the latest by Michael Buble. But yesterday I found another cover version in a Hong Kong movie shot 15 years ago, and I love this version the most.

So I asked myself where I can find this version on the web … – No, – No, – No … but I finally found it thru some searches. I reckon, no matter what are our likes and dislikes, no matter how niches those are – we are not alone; and someone share the same interests will put those online. Another case of Long Tail theory, I suppose …

Believe it or not, the singer is Peter Chan, the famous Hong Kong film director. Enjoy the song, i.e. the first two minutes of the following video. By the way, the subtitles do not sync with the song …