No-Code / Low-Code Programming

There are times when you suddenly get struck by a real surge of energy and excitement; something really hits a nerve or a new area of possibility opens up which you hadn’t considered before. It’s like looking at the future.

That’s the feeling I have when I finished my proof of concept mobile app in one, two hours; by simply clicking, dragging and some no-code programming. Amazing.

What Are You Selling ?

Management guru Peter Drucker said, “The customer rarely buys what the company thinks it’s selling.”

I think it’s very true as many times we misunderstand how our products and services can change our customers lives, one way or the other.

Are you really sure you understand why your customers buy your products ? Forget about the dashboards and reports … go talk to them.

Platform Business Models

I have a headache whenever the startup founder(s) tell me they are starting a platform business, and their products are like Uber of XXX, or Airbnb of YYY. Ooops.

I am still not sure why people believe platform play is easy, and also somehow believe their (small) companies are as good as Uber or Airbnb. In fact, most of them don’t even understand the different platform business models, and don’t know what they are doing as well as why they are doing that.

So, here is it, the main digital platform business models, for their reference.

Digital Business Model archetypes – a new, simplified framework to support corporate portfolio innovation