Impossible Is Not A Fact, It Is An Opinion.

It is hard to comprehend the above slogan until I saw the advertisement from TV, showing legendary boxer Muhammad Ali fight against his daughter (Laila) in the boxing ring. I understand it is easy to use computer to do this kind of special effects, but the concept of the advertisement, the message it want to send across and the way it’s presented – is simply astonishing. The message is really strong when you see another advertisement of the same campaign, featuring Stacy Kohut, Paralympic Skateboarding Gold Medalist skateboarding.

Btw, to watch the Adidas advertisement, you can surf to http://usa.adidas.com/


When was your last time to do something for the first time …. Keep discovering.

Have you seen this TV advertisement ? Have you ever asked yourself the similar question, doing something that you not try hard enough or you always have an excuse not to do … ?