Lion City – Colourful …

It was my number X visit to Singapore already and the trip was for a conference about “Service Oriented Architecture”. The two days’ conference was actually quite boring but I did have a good time there … let’s start with some photos from the tourist rip-off zone – Clarke Quay …

Clarke Quay was a very colorful place, even all the food there are very very pricy. The proof (the colors, not the food) …

Some photos

Some photos

Lesson Learnt: Let’s forget the price for the moment, but why the tourist spot in our city cannot be designed as colourful in Lion City ?


“很多人一輩子 無法完成的事
我們都做到了 … 我們一起做到了 …”

I read the above two lines couple of weeks ago in the latest album of F.I.R. (probably one of the best Asian “pop” bands in recent two years) and I thought “What a crap and how arrogant ??!!”.

But then last week I was in a SOA conference in Singapore and one of the speakers asked an open question – “Who among your companies are using XML message for messaging ?” … Out of all the attendees, I am the only one raised my hand. And you know, we did it 5 years ago.


What is a community ? A forum, a photo gallery, or a web site ?

Couple of months ago I mentioned about the, a web site that make use of tags and photos to connect tens of thousands Internet users together. Now look at how “tagging” technology expand … I particularly like the following two sites – both developed by a team of 7 people in a couple of months:

“What do you want to do with your life ?” –

“Where do you want to go ?” –

Simple idea, simple implementation, and the communities grow on its own.

Surf around the two sites, and see how they can gather thousands of users (around the world) in a couple of months. And then rethink the question – what is a community ? And … how can we build one ?


Tough Time Never Last, Tough People Do.