Decision Making

“One common pitfall for large organizations – one that hurts speed and inventiveness – is ‘one-size-fits-all’ decision making.” – 2016 Letter to Shareholders, Amazon

How many decisions you make, today, have to go to the top management ?

Are they big decisions ? Or small ? Did that make your process faster ? Or slower ?

And then it reminds me the great quote from Sir Ratan N. Tata…

Customer Obsessed

Lots of people like to quote this line from Jeff Bezos and claim they are customer centric as well as customer obsessed … just like Amazon.

However they missed one important idea behind that, as mentioned in Bezos’ annual letters to shareholders (go read those …

The idea is … keep improving your own products to serve the customers is not good enough, but also need to develop new capabilities within the corporation and roll out new products to address customer needs.

New ideas, new risks, new capabilities, new experiments, new failures, new products …