OT: The New Leaders

Just finished a conference from China and could not help but think … the future leaders are there. Those young conference goers were so bright, so upbeat and so eager to learn new things. Two interesting observations:

  • Their English are hard to understand because of the heavy accents and strange pronounciation – it means they have little exposure of English language in TV, radio and movies.
  • On the other hand, their English grammer and sentence structure are perfect – it means they read / study a lot of English books to sharpen their language skill.

Interesting …


I came across the following line from a newspaper web site, a line for the reporters … and I think it applies to us as well:

We face obstacles as we pursue stories, as we plan our careers, as we pursue our dream jobs. The obstacles are real. They frustrate us. They challenge us. They hold us back. They delay us from reaching our goals. But by the time we’re done, we have to make the obstacle part of the war story of our success, not the excuse for our failure.