The other day I found this quote up in the blackboard of the coffee shop when I was sipping the tasty caramel latte –

The only way to discover the limits of possible is to go beyond them into impossible – Arthur C. Clarke

Indeed, there is no limit of possibility.


Earlier this month, many of us were in a satelite city for a wedding banquet. With the invitation card (which had a map imprinted), I went to that small city and got lost in one hour later. I could apply the same lesson to a web site, you will easily get lost even your web site has a site map. What matters is how to make your web site with a sense of orientation, users know how to go back and forth with your navigation design, visual cues, content group etc.


Same to launching a new product, have you ever wonder whether someone really understand the requirements, and also how to design, test and operate ? Check out the attached picture and you know what I mean. Don’t under-estimate the effort you need to understand what the customer needs, often times customers just tell you what they want, not what they need. But again, it is our responsibility to make things crystal clear, develop a good product, test it, maintain it, and support it.