Photo Gallery

Finally integrated the SlideShowPro with WordPress to show my photos around the world … never know it is so difficult to make it work. My advise is:

  • Install the Kimili Plugin for WordPress and activate it;
  • Install the SlideShowPro in a dedicated directory, I made it work under /wp-content/;
  • Make sure the image and music paths in the SlideShowPro XML file are correct – use absolute paths if needed;
  • Insert the Kimili line in your blog post carefully, don’t use the Visual editor …;
  • If all failed, try MonoSlideShow 😎

Enjoy … here is the photo gallery (you can also click the “Gallery” link in the top of the page).

Search-a-holic : movie

I still cannot finish the book “The World is Flat” even though I have read a couple of dozens pages more, however there is one point in the book is right – Internet Search Engine is one of the “world flatteners”. Essentially, the search engines like Google, Yahoo empower every Internet user in the world to access all the knowledge indexed in the Internet. I think it is very true, and this power has also made me a “search-a-holic”.

Other than searching for information that are useful at work, I also use the search engines extensively even I am watching TV, or movie at home. For example, I will go to to check the ratings, information of the actors and actress … to decide whether I shall continue watching that movie or TV show. Once I found a movie is good, I will go to to see whether the DVD and the soundtrack is available. And of course, the is my favorite site for the music and music video in the movie.

So, here are three music videos I found from three movies …

Amazing Grace – if you don’t know the history of that 235 years old hymn / song, better go to cinema for that. And for me, the best version of Amazing Grace is always the bagpipe one.

Scent of a Woman – I think no one can forget this tango scene and with the 70 years old classic – Por Una Cabeza

The story of us– I just watched this movie in cable and of course, how can one forget the Classical Gas by Mason Williams ?

New Toy – Olympus E-3

Almost after 4 years of the legendary camera Olympus E-1, its successor is finally announced today – E-3. Being a fan of Olympus, it’s certainly my next target (if I can afford one …). However, this I-need-to-buy-a-new-camera thingy is really no good … as I am a believer that most of time you don’t need to upgrade the camera, but your skill – as your camera does not matter in the whole good photo-taking process.

Still, see if you like the new camera or not … check out the latest promotion video.

And God says …

In the hospital there were two groups of volunteers, one from a Catholic church and one from a Christian church. All the volunteers are good people no doubt, but they had different approaches to comfort serious ill patients like me …

One of the groups listened carefully and tend to share your concerns & sadness, they would pass some materials to you to read if you are really ready to join them, spiritually. The other group was pretty pushy, they would ask you to join them straight away no matter you’re recovering or dying … because they told me I would need that “ticket” to go to heaven.

Just guess who was who … Anyway, it reminds me a few lines in the movie “Evan Almighty” …

evan almighty


“Let me ask you something.

If someone prays for patience, you think God gives them patience? Or does he give them the opportunity to be patient?

If he prayed for courage, does God give him courage, or does he give him opportunities to be courageous?

If someone prayed for the family to be closer, do you think God zaps them with warm fuzzy feelings, or does he give them opportunities to love each other?”