Facebook Mania / Maniac

Sorry to the addicts of Facebook and my friends in the Facebook … I have to confess that I am not a fan of Facebook. I joined it around 6 months ago when it was not at all popular in town, mainly to connect to my MBA classmates … However, it looks like a hot site recently, for example, all the computer magazines in town had articles about Facebook two weeks ago.

To be honest, I still don’t quite “get it” … I am sure all those nifty and cute applications add a lot of fun … but why spend all the time to play around with those ? Many times, I think the Facebook emails in my inbox are as bad as those spam mails. May be one day it will have business applications in it and can replace all the tools around … then I will spend more time with Facebook.

On the other hand, if we see it from technical angle, Facebook did a great job to build the platform, open it up to application developers. And their recent mobile version is also pretty good … I just found it out during my stay in hospital 😎

Mobile Facebook

Be prepared …

I reckon one of the hardest thing to do / achieve in the world, at least for me, is “Prepared to be better”. What I mean is … are you prepared to …

  • be a better son, daughter, brother, sister, mother or father ?
  • be a better boy friend, girl friend, husband or wife ?
  • be a better staff, boss, or coworker ?
  • be a better friend ?
  • be a better man, woman ?

Are you prepared ? If not, what you gonna do now or tomorrow ? Before it is too late …


Somehow, I think a person’s “character” can be reflected in what he or she is “collecting”. Some collect games, comic figures; some collect paintings, sculptures; some collect DVDs and VCDs … of course, most of us collect money or dust. In other words, some are young at heart, some live in the past, some feel very unsafe and some just have no goals at all.

But for me, I like to collect the premier issue of any magazine, as I am a believer of good beginnings.

I am also a collector of the last issue of magazines and “The year in pictures” from magazines like Time and Life, as I am a believer of good endings.

Now I starts to collect old magazine or newspaper advertisements – as I start believing that our world is getting worse, unlike the good old days. Couple of years ago, I found some beautiful advertisement prints in Paris, Les Puces de Saint-Ouen (the largest flea market in Paris and is a must go). I was told the advertisements were printed in 1936 but I really have nothing to verify … until I do a search in Internet, of course.

Check this web site and scroll down … it was really a masterpiece by Jean-Gabriel Domerge for Perrier in year 1936. You can tell how happy I was when I found this site. Now it is framed beautifully and hanged with other three prints at home.

What are you collecting ?

After Math


48 days, 47 nights;

4 wards – G5, C7, A7, H7;

Over 140 tasteless meals;

8 and a half books finished … you know, “The World is Flat” is simply too boring (for me);

Numerous needle holes in my palm, hand, thigh and leg …;

Countless doses of medicine, blood tests, X-ray scans, CTS scans;

2 heart operations;

Hospital bill – US$ 600;

Dozens of emails, SMS, blog posts;

No more stranger wake me up in midnight from now on;

And … over 25 lbs of fresh disappeared …

Now you all can call me “Boney M”.