Maldives – Fairytale

It is a real story … the honeymoone couple just next to our bungalow loved to watch the beautiful sunset every evening in the resort … after all, the backyard of the bungalow is the Indian sea (see below). And one evening, they were very worried as the husband lost the wedding ring in the backyard (i.e. the Indian sea).

They ran around anxiously to ask for help and eventually they borrowed a pair of snokelling goggle to start their seabed searching … hours passed and you know what ? They found the wedding ring in the Indian sea. What a fairytale-like miracle ?

Backyard of Bungalow

Copenhagen – Little Mermaid

Little Mermaid sculpture is the symbol of Copenhagen and famous fairytale author Hans Christian Andersen. Situated in Copenhagen port, the status is really small, but yet very beautiful. Every one can only take pictures from afar, but somehow, some tourists (you know who they are lah …) will climb over the fence, walk across the slippery stones and take a close picture with the sculpture. What a shame …

Little Mermaid