Web Idea: P.I.S.S.

Do you, ever in your life, need to check the schedule of the next movie, train, ferry, or bus ? How many times do you need to check it, in a day ? Is that easy to “check” ?

I do it a lot and found it a very inconvenient task. You know, first you need to take out your PDA, notepad or wallet, find the schedule table (be it a spreadsheet file in your PDA, or a piece of paper). Then check your watch, tell the time and check against the schedule table. You’d probably need to check multiple times as well since you’d misread the schedule easily. Why can’t we have a simpler system ?

Let me introduce My Timetable Checker (version 1.0) :

  1. Dial a phone number, or surf to a web page, from your mobile phone / PDA
  2. Select the item (ferry / bus to certain destination, a movie’s name etc.) you want to check the next schedule
  3. The system will check the time of your mobile phone, perform a search , compare your phone’s time against the schedule table and then tell you (by replaying a voice record or just showing you the information) the next closest schedule.

Isn’t it simple ?

And My Timetable Checker (version 2.0) :

  1. As long as you preset where is your ferry pier or where is your preferred cinema etc.
  2. The system will check your location, based on the GPS system in your PDA, or cell stations around your mobile phone.
  3. The system will then warn you that you are not going to make it because you’re too far away from the ferry pier, bus terminal, cinema etc. and suggest other schedule.

Isn’t it even better ?

Who’s gonna do it ? Let me call this great system – Personal Information Search System (P.I.S.S.).

Tips – Eiffel Tower …

Paris is many newly-weds’ honeymoon destination, and all of them will visit Eiffel Tower. Certainly Eiffel Tower is a very very romantic landmark, but to enjoy a very romantic moment is in fact not visiting the tower itself. Indeed there are two other options.

One is to go to the top of Arc de Triomphe. Yes, most tourists visit Arc de Triomphe but somehow they don’t visit the roof top. I don’t know why … anyway, just go to the roof top in late afternoon and wait for the special moment – when the Eiffel Tower lights up.

Eiffel Tower

Another place is Pompidou Center, again visit the center in the afternoon and then walk out to the terrace in 5th or 6th floors and wait … with your love one.

Eiffel Tower