Shanghai – Next Mega City

I think no matter we like it or not, Shanghai will be one Megacity in very near future. The people there are hardworking, and determined to make their home city / country a great one. The point is, will there be any downside of all these developments, any dark sides behind the beautiful Nanjing Road neon lights ?

Nanjing Road

Author: Michael Yung

Michael possessed over 30 years of experience in Information Technology with focuses on complex application development, database technologies and IT strategy. He also spent the last 20 years in Internet technology, eCommerce development / operations, web usability, computer security and Public Key Infrastructure technologies.

4 thoughts on “Shanghai – Next Mega City”

  1. The legend of the Phoenix. I treasure the old peaceful lifestyle of Macau as well as the good old days that I could swim in the Victoria Harbour. Hope the next life of the city will bring us all those lovely days.


    1. Yes, those good old days. Unfortunately, the legend of the Pheonix hurts, especially the young and old people of Hong Kong. It’s just sad that the people are still crazily chasing the unrealistic goals. Doom to fail.


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