It’s the best of times, it’s the worst of times

Today the China astronauts retuned to earth safely and completed their 3-days space-walk mission. I think no matter how you see China, we have to agree they did a great job in year 2008 so far. And no doubt there are also a lot of problems along the way, but seriously, they are improving – in a pace that no other countries in the world can ever dream of.

No doubt the Government needs to find ways to produce better goods, and quality food. And the Government needs to help the poor and unfortunately people.

Give China some time, and give China a chance. Go, China, Go …

Google Android is here

Many times I ask myself “Shall I get a phone that is easy to use, or a phone that is technically excellent ?”. In other words, shall I get an iPhone or an Android phone ? Of course, now I am using an iPhone 3G and am very pleased with it. But I think everyone has to admit, the first Android phone – T-Mobile G1 is very, Very, VERY cool. It’s cool not because of the so-so hardware, but really the software itself – Android and the applications run on top of it.

Bring back that brand new blogging feeling

Liz Strauss, famous online community builder, blogger and author of the book “The Secret to Writing a Successful and Outstanding Blog”, recently ran a contest on “Bring Back That ‘Brand New’ Blogging Feeling Event” and gave the bloggers around the world a chance to win a premium WordPress Theme from Blog Design Studio and a copy of her ebook.

Only 50 winners in the contest and luckily, I won !!

To enter the contest, here is the image of my first blog post back in 2002 …