Macau – A place to _travel_ to

I think we all agree that our tourism board in town is not doing a very good job. You just don’t have the mood to stay in this city for a long weekend (unless you have to). As far as I can tell, I seldom ask my overseas friends to _travel_ to this small city. Instead, I ask them to _visit_ this small city.

You see, our city is not a place to _travel_ to … I mean, I’d rather like to _travel_ to the even smaller city next to us, to relax.


What the $%&@# ?

I really don’t understand … why it is such a pain in upgrading web hosting plan ? I upgraded two plans and turned out all the programs no longer working. I had to re-configure all the programs … and then I found that all images were corrupted !! I had to re-upload all the images again …

Luckily, the MySQL databases were still intact. What a pain and what a service ?!