Have you ever wonder why the chewing gum nowadays focuses on fresh breath, fighting tooth decay or improve tooth whitening ? …


About five or six years ago in Japan, all of a sudden, chewing gum lost its popularity. The gum manufactures were wondering why, so they began taking surveys. One cause that they found was that cell phones were taking the place of chewing gum by monopolizing people’s mouths. So when people are bored at the station or wherever, they gradually have been using cell phones more and more and thus have cut back on their idle gum chewing.

So … all the new chewing gums nowadays focus shifted to other side benefits – fresher breathe, fighting tooth decay, tooth whitening etc. etc.

As you can see, in the information age, our desires, instincts all changed.


You know I like to take lots of travel photos but in fact there is one gentleman’s work that I admire very very much. Check out the photo gallery of Mr. Wilson Tsoi and I am sure you will rethink the following question – “What is travel photo ?”



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