It is now for sale

The first copy of the photo book is good looking and beautifully printed, so I think it is time to make it public and available for sale online in One can pick up a copy of the book with soft cover, hardcover with or without dust jacket.

Frankly, I don’t expect to sell any, but the experience in learning how to publish a book on demand is great.

Around the world in 80 photos

My first photo book

This beauty finally arrived from the mail and it looks absolutely gorgeous. It took altogether 4 weeks to finish and here are the details:

  • Day 01 – download the free software BookSmart from
  • Day 02 – starts the “design” of the book … and it lasts 15 days, as I needed to select the photos, add some, remove some; and searched the information of the place thru the web. It took a long time !!
  • Day 15 – upload the finished book to the web site and place order
  • Day 28 – it’s here !!

Book cover

Inside the book

How to – Make a “model” picture

Let’s say you have a boring photo with some small cars and people … can we do some tricks to improve it ?

The following is a photo taken in a recent cruise tour to Taiwan.

Taiwan pic - original

Then an area with the objects were selected; invert the selection; apply Gaussian blur; and then adjust the brightness & contrast of the whole photo to make the following “model” picture.

Taiwan pic - model

What do you think ? 😎

It’s just determination

Last year Paul Pott was the ordinary people that won the Britain’s Got Talent and George Sampson was an unlucky young man who could not make it to the semi-final. But just like the dancing version of Rocky, George enrolled to the BGT again this year and won !! He’s only 14 years old … and that’s what he told BBC:

Don’t let anybody get in the way – if you stay strong and determined, it’ll pay off so just keep your head down and focus on it … it’s just determination.

I am sure you can search his GTD semi-final and final video on the net … but here is the round 1 video, I absolutely love it.