It is now for sale

The first copy of the photo book is good looking and beautifully printed, so I think it is time to make it public and available for sale online in One can pick up a copy of the book with soft cover, hardcover with or without dust jacket.

Frankly, I don’t expect to sell any, but the experience in learning how to publish a book on demand is great.

Around the world in 80 photos

My first photo book

This beauty finally arrived from the mail and it looks absolutely gorgeous. It took altogether 4 weeks to finish and here are the details:

  • Day 01 – download the free software BookSmart from
  • Day 02 – starts the “design” of the book … and it lasts 15 days, as I needed to select the photos, add some, remove some; and searched the information of the place thru the web. It took a long time !!
  • Day 15 – upload the finished book to the web site and place order
  • Day 28 – it’s here !!

Book cover

Inside the book

How to – Make a “model” picture

Let’s say you have a boring photo with some small cars and people … can we do some tricks to improve it ?

The following is a photo taken in a recent cruise tour to Taiwan.

Taiwan pic - original

Then an area with the objects were selected; invert the selection; apply Gaussian blur; and then adjust the brightness & contrast of the whole photo to make the following “model” picture.

Taiwan pic - model

What do you think ? 😎