3 years, 2 cameras, 1 new photobook

It’s hard to explain … I have big hard disks to store all the photos, and of course good software to manipulate / view / backup the photos. However, I still like to print the photos out, and then look at them, touch them, smell them … So here is it, my second photo book – Mirror with memory (this link works for iPad as well).

This photo book is a collection of my travel photos in the past 3 years with Olympus E-510 and E-P1.

Enjoy some samples below (for non-iPad browser only) !!

It is now for sale

The first copy of the photo book is good looking and beautifully printed, so I think it is time to make it public and available for sale online in Blurb.com. One can pick up a copy of the book with soft cover, hardcover with or without dust jacket.

Frankly, I don’t expect to sell any, but the experience in learning how to publish a book on demand is great.

Around the world in 80 photos