Have nothing to do in another weekend …

No matter which photo album I use, I find their slide functions are no good. I finally found a good slide show utility in http://www.slideshowpro.net/.

It costs US$ 20 and a few hours of work – installation, configuration, testing and integration with my other site. Good stuff indeed.

http://www.80days.com/slideshow/. Enjoy !!

Have nothing to do in the weekend …

Worried about upgrading any software, I kept using Gallery 1.3 for many many months. With nothing to do one weekend, I decided to something special …

… so I decided to do something to my photo album – such as integrating Google Map into it. Then, I

  • Downloaded the Gallery 2.0.2, the latest version and installed it
  • Migrated all albums / photos from Gallery 1.3.3 to the new engine
  • Twisted a few graphics, logos and css
  • Downloaded the Google Map modules and themes; installed it
  • Applied the Google Map API Key from Google and installed it
  • Found all the GPS coordinates of the major albums, map to the Google Map.
  • Twisted again some more graphics, logos and css

Dah dah …


How’s that ? For a three hours work ?


I encountered a little dog the other day who wanted to block the road and rule the world … Not sure whether s/he could achieve it or not but I do appreciate his or her effort, as s/he kept barking and running after me …

But in the world of Internet, who’s doing that ? I reckon no matter how big, or small we are; we shall do the same – keep trying new stuff, keep challenging the norm, keep delivering good products … and one day, we will rule the world.


In Intel’s web site, you will find this quote by one of their founders:

Do not be encumbered by history. Go off and do something wonderful.

Robert Noyce, Intel cofounder