All new Kindle – smaller, lighter, and faster

Oh, 16 months after my Kindle 2, the new generation of Kindle is announced today (Kindle 3). Available from 27th August (in over 140 countries), the new Kindle is 21 percent smaller, 17 percent lighter, more memory (4GB), better battery life (up to a month without wireless) and equiped with a better contrast, 20 percent faster refresh rate on its screen. Same as the DX, now it comes in two colors (graphite, and white). Unlike the Kindle 2, there will be two connection / pricing configurations: a $139 WiFi only version, and a $189 3G version (I guess it’s the same for International version). The screen however will remain the same 6-inch size.

From the look of this new device, the most notable change is the relocation of the direction pad to next to the keyboard. I bet the keyboard is still very difficult to use, however. Software-wise, the big thing to me is the enhanced PDF Reader – with dictionary lookup, notes, and highlights. Lastly, a new WebKit-Based browser, that I really want to try out.

So, how the new one compares to the Kindle 2, side by side ?

Kindle differencesSome more pictures of the new Kindle:

Be your own career architect

Made a career talk to a group of university students recently and some of the key ideas interested them a lot (e.g. how to build their personal branding on the web). On the other hand, not many of them asked follow-up questions. It’s not a big surprise though, as most of the youngsters nowadays simply don’t care about asking questions, instead they care about their “images” – i.e. they think asking question is stupid and they don’t want to look stupid. They also somehow believe they can find all the answers to all the questions on earth from their peers and Google …

It reminds me one phrase from Chinese about the word “Knowledge” –

Knowledge in Chinese

This phrase composed of two Chinese characters … basically, the first character means “learn”, and the second character means “ask”. In essence, “Knowledge” in Chinese is “Learn to ask”. So … when will our students learn / know how to ask ?

Update 1: (2010-July-16) The slide is just featured as one of the slidedecks in’s career channel !!

Anyway, here is the slidedeck …