DayTrip – Kensington, London, England

What about a short trip to a beautiful garden and three good London museums in one day ? Sounds challenging, so get ready with a pair of comfortable walking shoes.

Let’s start …

  • It’s a long day, so get up early and have a good breakfast in the hotel first. Or pop in any of the coffee shops around your hotel, get a good cup of coffee and a scone.
  • Take the Tube to the Glocester station (served by Circle line).
  • The station is a small one and find your way to the Cromwell Road. Walk towards East, since it’s the morning, the sun is in front of you 8-).
  • Around 10 minutes later, you will be in the intersection of Queen’s Gate and Cromwell Road. Turn left, cross the road and towards North.
  • Another 15 minutes or so, you will find the entrance to the Kensington Gardens. Have your camera loaded.
  • In no time, you will see the extravagant Albert Memorial. It is a monument to the memory of Queen Victoria’s beloved consort, Prince Albert – it has to be seen to be believed.
  • Across the road is the Royal Albert Hall, a auditorium capable of holding 8,000 people.
  • Leave the garden and walk along the Exhibition Road (south bound). Soon you will find the Science Museum, the first museum of the day.
  • You will probably spend two hours or so there. The admission is free. There are special shows all day long, and their collection of computers is facinating.
  • It is good idea to take a break here, have a quick lunch there. And then continue your trip to the next museum, along the same Exhibition Road.
  • Around the corner of Exhibition Road and Cromwel Road is the impressive Natural History Museum. The admission is free but it is a good idea to buy the museum guide. You will find outstanding exhibition of dinosaurs, whales, birds and all kinds of animal (including man).
  • Another two hours or so (you have to be a quick walker 😎 and just in time for an afternoon tea break.
  • What’s next ? Just next to the Natural History Museum is the “V & A” – Victoria and Albert Museum. It’s probably the world’s greatest collection of the decorative and applied arts. Another two hours there …
  • Ooops … the museum is going to close. Yes, you shall spend more time in these great museums. Pick another day.
  • Find a good restaurant around Glocester station and wrap up the day with a good Italian, English or American dinner.


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