Follow Your Effort

It’s great that you’re passionate about Information Technology, Digital Transformation, SCRUM, DLT, Cloud Computing, Big Data, Machine Learning, Artificial Intellegence, Digital Marketing, Cybersecurity, Design Thinking etc. etc.

What really matter, however, is where did you put your time and effort into.

Follow your effort … and follow a path where your talent can flower.

Unlearn !!

Somehow, there is always a Marketing Manager in the room believes that with years of experiences in print media, s/he knows how to do Digital / Social Marketing.

There is also always a Sales Manager in the team thinks that s/he is good in B2C eCommerce as s/he knows how to run business in Bricks and Mortar stores.

Then of course there is one Technical Manager who think s/he knows how to traverse the latest mobile app ecosystem, Cybersecurity world and Blockchain technology; by applying what s/he learnt in the Novell days.

They are all good colleagues at work but let’s admit it, we don’t know what we don’t know. We need to learn new things every single day and yet we shall let the younger generation to lead us to explore the digital world, not the other way round.