Complimentary Breakfast … not included

Once in a while, I receive emails about some special hotel deals and today I received one about some new hotels in Koh Samui, Thailand. “Great !!” I thought, I need more sunshine and rests … so let’s see what’s included in those new hotel packages …

Compliementary Breakfast

Oh … Compulsory Breakfast … I better prepare for it …


I am helping one organization in town to organize an event to celebrate their 25th Anniversary. In other words, back in 1982 a group of bright minds founded the organization. So I asked myself … what other big events happened in 1982? A couple of searches from Google and Wikipedia … and I found …


  • The San Francisco 49ers defeat the Cincinnati Bengals 26-21 in Super Bowl XVI. Joe Montana Go Go Go !!!


  • Syzygy: all 9 planets align on the same side of the Sun.


  • Falklands War begins.


  • The 1982 FIFA World Cup is opened in Spain.
  • The Falklands War ends.


  • Coca Cola introduces Diet Coca Cola
  • Italy beats West Germany 3-1 to win the 1982 FIFA World Cup in Spain. Rossi rules !!


  • Commodore 64 released !! My first Personal Computer !!
  • The first Compact Discs (cd’s) are released to the public in Germany.


  • Thriller album by Michael Jackson is released, becoming the biggest selling album of all time in entertainment history.
  • Time Magazine’s Man of the Year is given for the first time to a non-human, the computer.

Andrea Bocelli and Elvis

I talked about Bocelli in my previous post … I think I first knew him was years ago when I switched to a German TV channel (well you know, it doesn’t mean I am fluent in German …) and it was an interview about a blind singer … oh what a singer … probably because he is blind, he put so much emotion and effort in every song he sings.

Elvis has just left us for 30 years … so here you go, an Elvis’ song by Andrea Bocelli. You will just love it, in fact, “can’t help falling in love” with this cover-version.

Paul Potts In Town

It’s unbelievable that the winner of “Britain’s Got Talent” Paul Potts is in town this week. What even more unbelievable is his CD signing event is to be held in a shopping mall just next to my apartment. And the most unbelievable thing is I don’t need to work today …

Unfortunately, I don’t need to work is because I am still sick and has to rest at home … hmmm … what a shame ?!! OK, may be let me just play his CD to enjoy …

On the other hand, as the winner of the BGT doesn’t mean he is the best singer in classic pop, yet … I am still a big fan of Andrea Bocelli.

From Mr. Bean To Finding Nemo

I am a fan of Mr. Bean, no doubt, but I think all Mr. Bean’s fans are kinda tired of Mr. Bean’s performance in his latest movie “Mr. Bean’s Holiday”. But then, how the Internet link Mr. Bean to “Finding Nemo” ?

Even though the movie is so so, but the soundtrack is not too bad. For example the last song in the movie is the famous French song back in 1950’s – “La Mer” (The Sea) from Charles Trenet.

The search continues …

Even though La Mer is a French song, its English version is very famous in U.S.A. back in 1960’s – “Beyond The Sea” by Bobby Darin …

And this song of course … is one of the beautiful songs in the movie “Finding Nemo” … and this time by Robbie Williams. Enjoy !!

A Bookworm’s Killer Application

Steve Jobs once said the killer application of the iPhone is making phone calls. It’s very very true, of course; but to me, my SmartPhone is more than making calls, checking emails and appointments.

One of the killer applications to me, as a bookworm, is to check whether a book worth buying … especially you find a book very interesting in a bookstore, but has no access to the to check the ratings and the “Internet price”.

Now with my Smartphone, all I need is to start the Internet Explorer in the phone, go to the Amazon mobile site and enter the book name …

Amazon Mobile Search

Find the right book, just in case there are books with similar name …

Amazon Mobile 2

Check the book cover to confirm it is the one you’re buying …

Check the cover image

And check the book details, ratings and Internet price … then decide to buy it or not.

Check the price and rating

Isn’t it great ?!

Rumsfeld’s Poem

Stumble upon this web site today and there is a collection of “poetry”of the US ex-DOD chief – D. H. Rumsfeld. It’s really amazing that what one can speak in front of the press … and I remember this lucidly …

“As we know, there are known knowns.
There are things we know we know.
We also know there are known unknowns.
That is to say we know there are some things we do not know.
But there are also unknown unknowns.
The ones we don’t know we don’t know.”

But somehow Mr. Rumsfeld missed one more thing:

“There are unknown knowns, the ones we don’t know we know …” 😎