Keep Blogging

People (experts ?) say nowadays the blogs are useless – far too little useful information … far too many rubbishes I suppose. But then I think, if I don’t jot down my views, stories, events in the blog, I will forget those one day. You know I am a bit old now … brain is no longer working well.

So … keep blogging … the way I want it.

World Cup 2006

What is your favorite moment of the World Cup 2006 ?

To me, it was not the magical performance of Zidane or how those magnificent goalkeepers saved all the deadly penalty shorts …Surprisingly (at least to me), it was whenever the Coca-Cola ad playing on TV … the background music of this TV ad simply turned whatever mood I was in, to a joyful mood.

Being a classical music idiot, I searched for the melody in Internet and finally found it in the – ahhhh … it is Johann Pachelbel’s melody of “Canon in D major”. I love the melody and of course, I love the Internet. It once again solves my problem.