Innovation … or Small Step Improvements ?

Innovation is not always about a groundbreaking change, but many times small-step improvements. In airline business, as a passenger, that will be great if something can be done … just to name a few :

1) Install high speed Internet connections around boarding gates for passenger to download movies / TV shows before boarding.

2) Include weather information, as icons, along the Origin / Destination in the boarding pass.

3) Scan QR code in the lounge to have departure time and gate number reminder service directly to the passengers, by lounge staff or robot.

4) Provide gift wrapping option for inflight retail products, so passenger’s last minute purchase for love ones looks great.

5) Show transportation option and estimated cost from airport to city centre in the airline app after passenger landed.

6) Send unfinished inflight movie information such as streaming platform and bookmark to the passenger, so s/he can finish the movie back home / hotel.

7) When online checkin of the return flight, send the passenger souvenir to-buy list, and indicate what are available in-flight with pre-order option.

8) After booking a flight ticket, instead of cross-selling hotel rooms, cross sell a notification service on hotel deals.

What are the small problems you want to solve in your industry ?

Start Looking …

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”
(Chinese: 千里之行,始於足下)

So in the world of technology, what is the very first step ?

May be a new online course. a subscription to a newsletter, a follow to a Podcast, a new book, a new YouTube video playlist, a new crypto wallet, or a new “Hello World” program of a new language …

Start your first step, or … just start looking.