Lively no more

As fans of Google Lively, I suppose not much we can do about the shutting down of the service in two days’ time … except, may be taking some screen-shots of my 80days Cafe. Sigh … let’s wish Lively will be live again sometime in year 2009.


Bye, Lively !!





Government services in the 2.0 era

There are many people claimed that they are experts in Web 2.0 and e-Government. Seriously, not many of them can really explain the details of the two concepts, let alone how to link the two together … But here is one from Tara Hunt – great presentation and lots of details.

“Government Next”


Chicago – I’m lovin’ it

It’s cold in Chicago, minus 13 degrees celsius. I think the last time I was in the same cold condition was probably 25 years ago, and I hated it. But the Chicago city is a great city … not as crowded as New York, but with equally great hotel, food, museums, parks and shopping. I’m lovin’ it.

Click the image to see more photos from Chicago.