Ordinary people, Extraordinary things

July 2003 is a very special month for hundreds of thousands of us. Like 14 years ago, we told the government what we wanted and went after it. Even though you’re probably not part of the crowd on that special day, but I assume most of you spiritually supported them. Ordinary people, doing extraordinary things.


Oh, just finished one brilliant, captivating, insightful and entertaining book – It’s Your Ship. It’s written by a USA General about how to manage his war ship to make it the best ship in US Navy in 1990s. Whoever is remotely interested in leadership, should read it.


We have come a long way, and the road behind us was not smooth at all. It was a very rough, tough ride in the past 3 years. But as you can tell from the story below … We can get out of the deepest wells just by not stopping, never giving up !!