Ontario – The Good Old Days

I suppose I can call Canada my second home as I was there before for my high-school and university studies. Everything now seems to be very remote but believe it or not, I still can remember all the delicious foods, in the good old days …

The Harvey’s burger with all the toppings; the hot mesh potato with beef gravy that no restaurant in town can do; the lasagna with yummy tomato meat saurce, and of course the all-you-can-eat salad bar in Ponderosa … Those were beautiful food, as beautiful as the night-scene of Toronto.



It’s the 64th issue and probably getting old / slow … it really reminds me Beatles’ famous song – “When I am 64” ….

But on the other hand, we are really in an extremely interesting time in history as everything happens very very fast. And everything is very very new everyday. We have new ideas, new business models, new tools, new websites, new success stories and new failure stories every single day. It’s hard to keep pace of all these, isn’t it ?

I suppose that’s why we have Internet, websites and Portals. Everything is happening fast, the question to all of us is, of course – “Is it fast enough ?” and “Are those products / deliveries good enough ?”


Not sure you aware of the news story – “One Red Paper Clip” or not … that’s the guy in Canada who posted a red color paper clip on his blog site and asked for something to exchange, July 2005. And in a year, he got a house in Saskatchewan, Canada … all started from a worthless paper clip. The guy is now one of the most famous men in Canada, Myspace.com and Facebook.com. And he’s going to have a tour to tell other people his story and Internet “business model”.

I am not a fan of him (Kyle MacDonald), yet. But if you read thru all his stories, news, articles in the Internet and you will find one word keep popping up again, and again, and again. And the word is “Inspiration”.

So … what is your “inspiration” ? And what is your “One red paper clip” ? … the web site http://oneredpaperclip.blogspot.com/


Most of you know that I am a book freak. So here are the three books I am reading (oh yes, concurrently) …

  • Getting Things Done … if you think you are not efficient enough (I am), try the methods in this book. It is a big crowd in the Internet following this methodology (e.g. www.43folders.com)
  • Head Rush AJAX … if you are interested to learn AJAX, but don’t want to go thru pages and pages of tasteless words. Buy this book. Great read.
  • Once While Traveling: The Lonely Planet Story … if you are fans of traveling, the Lonely Planet and want to know how the two founders survive their trip with only 27 cents in their pockets; don’t miss this book … you can find this book only in UK Amazon.

And some books I want to buy … “iWOZ“, “The Long Tail“, “For One More Day” … let me know which one you will recommend …