The Wait is Finally Over

Work, work and more work … what a boring weekend ?! There are couple of things that cheer me up though. First, after months of waiting, the Samsung BlackJack is finally shipping here in the city and we should be able to buy it before end of the month. Two things come to my mind immediately, how can I protect the phone properly and how can I use my Shure headphone with it ?

So I surfed to my favorite PDA / Mobile phone jacket manufacturer … … ah, there is a good one. Done deal … and now for the headphone adapter since Samsung uses a non-standard headphone plug for their phone. Couple of searches and I found this headphone adapter in eBay. It comes with microphone as well. Not bad, not bad.

We Are Sailing, Home Again Cross the Sea

We gather only once every one or two years, but really have not much to say every time. I reckon it’s like what George Ebers quoted …

Friendship is genuine when two friends can enjoy each others company without speaking a word to one another.

Indeed, instead of speaking, I played a few CDs that evening … “When I Dream”, “What a Wonderful World”, “If You Don’t Know Me By Now”, and of course “Sailing”.