Killing time softly

So what you can do in a hospital to kill all the time ?

I have finished 6 books already … I am a slow reader but time runs really slow in hospital.

Other then reading lots of books, luckily I have a 3G / HSDPA smartphone with me.

I promptly set up RSS feeds in my phone to check news around the world with Yahoo, soccer news from Soccernet and camera news from Dpreview.

I also check mails with Gmail mobile, check book reviews with Amazon mobile, and browse gadget news with Engadget mobile version. I even downloaded the Google Map Mobile this morning to check the name of the highway just outside the hospital I’m staying …

Then installed the Opera mobile such that I can manage my blog. And of course, I can make phone calls and send / receive SMS.

With all these, I am constantly in touch with the world and all my friends / colleagues.

Time, after all, is easier to kill than life.

Reality show

Unlike what other people think, the specialists, doctors and nurses in the hospital I am staying are young, energetic, and handsome / beautiful.

In fact, one of the questions I asked myself was “Am I now in a reality TV show ?”

Considering every day they have to handle dozens of cases and hundreds of tasks professionally, I really don’t understand why patients like to yell / shout to them. To me, they are really great professionals.

Did I mention “am I now in reality TV show ?” ?

The magical operation

After 12 days of antibiotics treatment, the heart specialist suggested that it is time to do an operation – to remove the alien object in my heart and repair / replace the valve.

Started from 8:30 in the morning and the operation was done successfully 5 hours later.

Turned out the alien object is only a minor issue and the specialists managed to repair the valve instead of replacing it (which is a worse option).

3 days later, I can walk around the ward already.

Really a magical operation.

We’ve got a problem …

So what exactly was the problem ? Since young I was told one of the valves in my heart is a little bit abnormal (actually a bit longer). And all I need to do, from the advices of my family doctor back then are: to keep a balanced life, healthy diet and get some antibiotics before visiting dentist. That’s it, basically to keep a strong body and don’t get that valve infected.

But then in the recent two months, a non-stop fever suggested that my heart was indeed infected by bacteria. And my current family doctor decisively suggested me to go to the hospital emergency room, after a long day’s work.

Then, within two days the specialists in the hospital found that some alien tissues was developed in my heart, that will probably lead me to heaven if the tissue loses and block any vessels in my body.

Sooo …

  • I have a heart infected by bacteria
  • I have a valve with some alien object developed
  • I have to prepare for a valve repair or replacement to fix the abnormal shaped valve (now or older)

Three problems, all rolled into one …