Madly In Love …

with a DVD lately (note: a genuine copy of DVD). It’s the Rod Stewart’s One Night Only – Live at Royal Albert Hall. Great music, songs, and performance … even though Rod is already 60 years’ old. I never knew a man can be so handsome when he is sixty and dressed in bright yellow or deep red. The guest singers are great as well. Simply stunning.

Then I thought, why “the music industry” in town keep complaining about people copying DVDs or downloading music / video from the web ? When the main reason is they could not produce a quality show and DVD …

Lesson Learnt: Don’t blame other people, do your own homework first.

Mid Autumn Festival

Today is the Mid Autumn Festival in South East Asian countries such as China, Singapore, Malaysia etc.

According to the Chinese luner calendar, today is the full moon of 8th month of the year. It’s the time to celebrate harvest after a year of hard work, a time to share a good meal with the family members. Other seasonal food includes moon cake, and various of fruits.

In addition, all young kids celebrate the holiday with a Chinese lantern. Happy Mid Autumn Festival to you all.

Macau Fireworks Fiesta

Geez …. no news for two weeks. You know, life is really tough in this part of the world and people work like a dog to survive. However, if you have a weekend to spare here in Hong Kong or Macau, the next five weekends are chances to take a good break.

Every year, experts are invited to Macau to show people how good they are in designing fireworks. This year, 10 countries will compete in front of the Macau Tower Convention & Entertainment Centre. For details, please visit their official website. Enjoy !