Search-a-holic : movie

I still cannot finish the book “The World is Flat” even though I have read a couple of dozens pages more, however there is one point in the book is right – Internet Search Engine is one of the “world flatteners”. Essentially, the search engines like Google, Yahoo empower every Internet user in the world to access all the knowledge indexed in the Internet. I think it is very true, and this power has also made me a “search-a-holic”.

Other than searching for information that are useful at work, I also use the search engines extensively even I am watching TV, or movie at home. For example, I will go to to check the ratings, information of the actors and actress … to decide whether I shall continue watching that movie or TV show. Once I found a movie is good, I will go to to see whether the DVD and the soundtrack is available. And of course, the is my favorite site for the music and music video in the movie.

So, here are three music videos I found from three movies …

Amazing Grace – if you don’t know the history of that 235 years old hymn / song, better go to cinema for that. And for me, the best version of Amazing Grace is always the bagpipe one.

Scent of a Woman – I think no one can forget this tango scene and with the 70 years old classic – Por Una Cabeza

The story of us– I just watched this movie in cable and of course, how can one forget the Classical Gas by Mason Williams ?


Somehow, I think a person’s “character” can be reflected in what he or she is “collecting”. Some collect games, comic figures; some collect paintings, sculptures; some collect DVDs and VCDs … of course, most of us collect money or dust. In other words, some are young at heart, some live in the past, some feel very unsafe and some just have no goals at all.

But for me, I like to collect the premier issue of any magazine, as I am a believer of good beginnings.

I am also a collector of the last issue of magazines and “The year in pictures” from magazines like Time and Life, as I am a believer of good endings.

Now I starts to collect old magazine or newspaper advertisements – as I start believing that our world is getting worse, unlike the good old days. Couple of years ago, I found some beautiful advertisement prints in Paris, Les Puces de Saint-Ouen (the largest flea market in Paris and is a must go). I was told the advertisements were printed in 1936 but I really have nothing to verify … until I do a search in Internet, of course.

Check this web site and scroll down … it was really a masterpiece by Jean-Gabriel Domerge for Perrier in year 1936. You can tell how happy I was when I found this site. Now it is framed beautifully and hanged with other three prints at home.

What are you collecting ?


I am helping one organization in town to organize an event to celebrate their 25th Anniversary. In other words, back in 1982 a group of bright minds founded the organization. So I asked myself … what other big events happened in 1982? A couple of searches from Google and Wikipedia … and I found …


  • The San Francisco 49ers defeat the Cincinnati Bengals 26-21 in Super Bowl XVI. Joe Montana Go Go Go !!!


  • Syzygy: all 9 planets align on the same side of the Sun.


  • Falklands War begins.


  • The 1982 FIFA World Cup is opened in Spain.
  • The Falklands War ends.


  • Coca Cola introduces Diet Coca Cola
  • Italy beats West Germany 3-1 to win the 1982 FIFA World Cup in Spain. Rossi rules !!


  • Commodore 64 released !! My first Personal Computer !!
  • The first Compact Discs (cd’s) are released to the public in Germany.


  • Thriller album by Michael Jackson is released, becoming the biggest selling album of all time in entertainment history.
  • Time Magazine’s Man of the Year is given for the first time to a non-human, the computer.

From Mr. Bean To Finding Nemo

I am a fan of Mr. Bean, no doubt, but I think all Mr. Bean’s fans are kinda tired of Mr. Bean’s performance in his latest movie “Mr. Bean’s Holiday”. But then, how the Internet link Mr. Bean to “Finding Nemo” ?

Even though the movie is so so, but the soundtrack is not too bad. For example the last song in the movie is the famous French song back in 1950’s – “La Mer” (The Sea) from Charles Trenet.

The search continues …

Even though La Mer is a French song, its English version is very famous in U.S.A. back in 1960’s – “Beyond The Sea” by Bobby Darin …

And this song of course … is one of the beautiful songs in the movie “Finding Nemo” … and this time by Robbie Williams. Enjoy !!

The Last Waltz – La Dernière Valse

One of my friends once said if you found a TV ad that you don’t understand what the fuzz all about … then it’s probably an ad of a new housing estate or apartment. All these ads are full of beautiful cars, scenery, women and men – i.e. nothing really matter with the housing estate. Another trick they used to do is to have someone sing a very beautiful song in the ad.

Recently there is another such hard-to-understand TV ad. Again there is a very good song in the ad with a very familiar tune, but this time it is a French song. So what’s that song ? Let’s do some Internet searches.

I first went to Google and search the name of the new housing estate – “XXXXX”. Quite some results popped up and it seems many are asking the same question from one popular forum. So I searched again in Google but skipping all the links from that forum site – “XXXXX”. Soon I found the answer, as someone in one music forum know the answer – the song is The Last Waltz. Ah … that’s why the tune is so familiar, it’s the famous song by Engelbert Humperdinck.

So what’s next ? I searched again in Google – “Last Waltz French version”. Yes … that’s it – the result returns “La Dernière Valse by Petula Clark”. So “The Last Waltz” in French is “La Dernière Valse” and sang by one French singer Petula Clark. There is even a site with a part of the song as well. And you can buy her CD in

Of course, the next stop is Youtube, and then I found the whole song / video by the famous Japanese singer Lisa Ono (sorry for the extra click, as the video is set to view only in Youtube, but not in other places).

Lastly, the original song by Engelbert Humperdinck, 40 years ago. Enjoy !!

Electric Dreams

1984 is always a special year … it’s the year I left the school, the year Apple introduced the Macintosh and the year with a lot of great movies … “Electric Dreams” was one of them. Only in the ’80s could they make a movie about a computer that falls in love with it’s owner’s girlfriend. And as usual, I love the soundtrack a lot.

Another good music video you don’t wanna miss …

From Beetle Juice to Pedro Almodovar

Of course the movie Beetle Juice was not directed by the great modern-day Spanish director Pedro Almodovar, but this post is about how the Internet bring them together. Believe it or not …

Beetle Juice, a typical Tim Burton’s strange movie, is one of my favorites. I particularly like the scene with the whole family dancing and singing a song with lots of “Day-O”… But the movie was filmed almost 20 years ago, so how could I find this song or even MV again ?

Obviously, I surfed to Youtube to search for the MV. Type in “Beetle Juice” in the search box and I found a long list of videos about Beetle Juice. Couple of clicks and some viewings, I found this one already.

The story continues …

Then I scrolled down, checked the comments … hoping that someone would ask for the name of that song and some would provide an answer. Ah ha, just what I expected and the answer is The Banana Boat Song by Harry Belafonte.

Another search, then I found the famous MV “Harry Belafonte & Muppet Show – The Banana Boat Song”.

A few more clicks I found that Belafonte was one great Jamaican musician and his famous songs (may be cover versions) included “Jamaica Farewell”, “Try to Remember”. More information from Wikipedia.Couple of more page hoppings in Youtube, I found a video named “Harry Belafonte Tribute”. And the song in this video is … Cucurucucu Paloma.

Of course, it’s the same beautiful song in the movie Talk To Her by Pedro Almodovar.

Cucucrucucu … dove, Cucucrucucu … don’t cry … (that’s the lyrics) … You see, with Internet, things all link together. I hope you like the videos.